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Taylor Golsch

Realtor® (OH)

With a passion for helping others, Taylor brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and energy to the White’s Realty Team.  “I would consider myself kind and caring; you never know what others are dealing with, and a smile from you can change their whole day.  I try to stay positive, not only does it help elevate my mood, but it also helps those around me.  I am very hard working and determined.” Said Taylor

In her free time Taylor enjoys walks with the family, hunting, fishing, traveling, and dirt bike riding.  She looks forward to family vacations in Florida and attending Motocross Races every year!  Taylor is also an animal lover with a cat named Harry, 7 baby chickens, and 2 family dogs, Tessla and Dozer.

Taylor is a wonderful additional to White’s Realty team of experts.  Her dedication to her clients and passion for helping others exemplify what White’s Realty Realtors stand for.