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Liz Hughey

Realtor® (IN)

Liz Hughey is a licensed real estate broker in Indiana, a native of Franklin County, and a specialist in equine property.  Liz has made her living in one form of agriculture or another since graduating from Indiana University with a BA in geography.  “I love land and the rural community of Brookville, and want to help others become members of our community.”  She is a member of the Indiana Forage Council and is an award-winning author of several children’s books on environmental stewardship and livestock husbandry.  Liz is also a farm manager on her family’s red angus farm in Brookville.  With her vast varied background, her most important accomplishment is raising her son, Wade.  “Wade is the reason I’m so passionate about land managemnt and the country quality of life.”  “I truly feel the land owns me, I don’t own the land, but am a steward of the land.”  You can count on Liz’s wide range of expertise to help you find, manage, or market your rural property or home.